Charles Spencer ’56

Charles “Choo Choo” Spencer graduatedc_spencer from Bluffton in 1956 with a music major and a physical education minor. He is recognized for his accomplishments in football, in which he earned All-Mid-Ohio League honors, and in track. c_spencer_action

Coach A.C. Burcky explained that the nickname “Choo Choo” was the result of Spencer’s football exploits because it generally took two players to stop him—one to wing him and the other to bring him down. Spencer loved to return punts like a train, which also helped earn him the moniker.

His athletic talents were balanced with his musical talents. He was able to place athletics and music in a meaningful relationship during his student days and continued to do so as he taught vocal music and coached football at Dayton Dunbac_spencer_cleatr High School.