Roger Bixel ’58

Roger Bixel is honored for his accomplishments while serving as head football coach from 1971 to 1974 at Bluffton. It was under his leadership that Bluffton won its first football champir_bixel-3onship in the Hoosier Buckeye Collegiate Conference.

While most people remember his accomplishments as a football and baseball coach, Bixel also earned 11 letters while attending Bluffton as a football, basketball and baseball player. This represents a number of letters that not many have accomplished in their college careers. He also served co-captain for two years under Coach Mast.

Reflecting on his years at Bluffton as a student and faculty member Bixel made the following statement. “I deeply appreciate the numerous opportunities and experiences provided me during my years at Bluffton. Especially the personal relationships and friendships developed among students, players, coaches and faculty. Wins, losses, individual records and performances may be forgotten, but the friendships and personal relationships are permanent memories.”

Bixel’s game of the past as a player or coach could be talked about forever. However, he is honored as a model of what Bluffton would hope every student who graduates could follow. His consistent values and treatment of athletes as individuals is a goal that many coaches strive for but only a few achieve.